Cherish the Memories

This is the time of year for reflection. For many, this is the only time when extended family and friends are together in one place, when we can share a meal together and recount the stories of present and past.

After reading a poignant reflection on TechCrunch, I’d like to urge you to reach out and recall these stories of the past. Life may be ephemeral, but stories have the power to transcend their creators. From funny anecdotes and long-embellished legends to didactic narratives and cautionary tales, we all recall stories that previous generations have shared with us, and throughout our lives create new tales to tell in turn. Every year, I hear old stories repeated, and learn of new memories that people wish to share. These are often from more recent events – an adventure, a major milestone, a small change – but tales of generations past surface as well. Hearing from the people who lived through the world-altering events we read in textbooks, as we live through world-altering events right now, gives us the rare opportunity to further our understanding of the human experience beyond our personal story.

Cherish the memories of the past, gilded with time. Cherish the present, surrounded by the people you love. And finally, cherish the uncertainty of what the future holds. You don’t know what memories you will make down the road.

That’s what makes life interesting.


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