Enron and the Crux of Credibility

I spoke with someone the other day who had no idea about the “Enron” I referenced in conversation. And although most of the group did recognize Enron, few knew about Arthur Andersen. Whether you recognize both names or have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a refresher on the infamous scandal that toppled them … More Enron and the Crux of Credibility

Ice Cream Wins Wars

In business and in war, logistics crowns the victor. And sometimes, logistics comes in the form of ice cream! Back in WWII’s Pacific Theater, intrepid US soldiers used high-altitude flights to transform rations into delicious ice cream. The recipe was simple: attach small propellers to ice cream cans for “churning”, load them up with canned … More Ice Cream Wins Wars

McDonalds as a Cultural Barometer

Since its humble start in the 1940s, McDonald’s and its golden arches have become a powerful symbol worldwide. Thanks to its focus on standardizing food and experience, McDonald’s also serves as an indicator by which we can see the evolution of Western culture (particularly for the United States). 1950s-1960s: Beginnings Although the first McDonald’s was … More McDonalds as a Cultural Barometer

What’s in a (college) name?

Whether it’s private institutions like the “Ivy Plus” elite (Ivy League, Stanford, UChicago, etc.), powerful public schools (e.g. the University of California system), or those in secondary echelons of selectivity, millions of students dream of one day calling a top institution their alma mater. What makes these name-brand schools so interesting goes beyond education — … More What’s in a (college) name?

How to Attract Employees Back to the Office

After more than 2 years of remote-first work, many companies are calling their white-collar employees back to the office. Tech giants Google and Apple are ramping up to full hybrid schedules (3 days in-office, 2 days flexible), while Investment Banking heavyweights like Goldman Sachs are already back in person, although not without rising discontent among … More How to Attract Employees Back to the Office