Goodwill Hunting and the Secondhand Economy

When I couldn’t find an Indiana-Jones style leather jacket for this Halloween, I turned to a charitable champion of the secondhand economy: Goodwill. While I couldn’t find a leather jacket in a reasonable price and size range (the store may have been Goodwill, but it’s also located in posh Palo Alto), I did manage to come across a … More Goodwill Hunting and the Secondhand Economy

The Fault in our Techies (and Fuzzies)

During one recent dinner conversation, I was chatting with a friend about the breadth of courses I wanted to take at Stanford. Although I’m planning on majoring in Economics, I enjoy getting to sample all that Stanford has to offer; beyond Econ, I have taken courses in Computer Science, Education, Music, Management Science & Engineering, and the Graduate … More The Fault in our Techies (and Fuzzies)

The View from Lantana

My friend GaHyun made a wonderful video highlighting the many parts of Lantana, my dorm at Stanford for the year. If you’re curious about what Stanford’s newest Creative Catalyst theme dorm looks like, then check out the video!

Orchestra Retreat 2015!

After a lot of planning and a few snafus along the way, Orchestra Committee took new and returning members the Stanford Symphony Orchestra into the woods of Monte Toyon for a weekend of bonding. From rehearsing Sibelius’s 2nd Symphony and Indiana Jones to chatting and munching on S’mores by the light of a campfire, everyone was in high spirits. … More Orchestra Retreat 2015!

Econ in the News: Morality and Medicines

In mid-August, 32-year-old Martin Shkreli, the CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, bought Daraprim, a small little drug that was being sold in the market for $13.50 a dose. After the acquisition, Turing increased the price more than 5000% to $750, leading to large public backlash. It’s tempting to say “moral issues aside” and just attempt to discern the … More Econ in the News: Morality and Medicines