Note: Many of the projects I have worked on for companies involve highly sensitive or classified material. Although I am able to display a few tangible results here, further examples of my projects require explicit approval from the past company to show on a case-by-case basis.

Instrumental Technical Content Writing

Part of the responsibilities I took on at Instrumental was writing technical content for the Manufacturing Intelligence blog. One of the articles I wrote focused on the evolution of computer vision and machine learning techniques employed by the manufacturing industry.

Instrumental Customer Testimonial Video

I helped the Product Management team interview customers to glean insights for the product roadmap. With permission from Chrissy Meyer, former Head of Product at Pearl Auto, I created Instrumental’s first video Customer Testimonial video to help the Sales team convert website visitors to qualified leads.

Facebook Analytics – Stanford Symphony Orchestra

This analytics spreadsheet is similar to what I worked on creating for UCI Applied Innovation: a cost-effective, customized spreadsheet that could be used to draw out trends in Facebook activity to increase its value to a company. Since the data I gleaned at UCI Applied Innovation is confidential, I populated this spreadsheet with real data from the Stanford Symphony Orchestra Facebook page. Under the “Analytics” tab, I focused on analyzing awareness KPIs via page reach.

Immuno Gum Broker Brochure

During my internship at Chicklabs, I helped build the Immuno Gum business by working on marketing efforts. One of my tasks was to work with the marketing team to create brochures that we could disseminate to interested parties.

Stanford Pre-Business Association Consulting Project for Coursera

I, along with the rest of SPBA’s consulting team, presented this slide deck to high-level officials at Coursera as a culmination of months of effort. We outlined multiple strategies for Coursera to use to maximize free-to-paid user conversion while minimizing brand dilution, and gave a tiered ranking of our most recommended choices. 

Technicolor VR/AR Market Research

During my internship at Technicolor, I worked on many projects for the Business Development team. One of the areas of interest was exploring the nascent VR/AR entertainment space; to that end, I created a quick presentation to share with the team regarding Nokia’s then-recent announcement of their OZO virtual reality camera.