My Foray into Machine Learning

One very interesting class I took this quarter was ECON45: Using Big Data to Solve Economic and Social Problems. In addition to learning about statistical techniques, quasi-experimental models, and real-world applications of “big data” (or “wide data” – tons of things are observed, leading to datasets with more variables than observations), the class gave some insights … More My Foray into Machine Learning

Easter Egg Hunt!

It’s Easter! This year, I decided to throw my friends in Lantana a big Easter Egg Hunt. It turns out that there are a lot of nooks and crannies in the dorm – edges of stairwells, blended in with scenery, the fire extinguisher boxes, and even the fridge were places where I hid a variety of … More Easter Egg Hunt!

Economics for Kids

I recently stumbled across a great article on economics lessons that kids develop throughout their childhood. In an article published by the Foundation for Economic Education, the author discusses common scenarios that lead to kids understanding principles behind exchange, value, and, at its heart, the idea in economics that there exists unlimited wants, but limited resources. … More Economics for Kids

Relaxing at Lake Lag

It’s been a very busy and tiring Winter Quarter so far; it’s still going to be busy for the rest of the quarter, but I did take some time today to just get away from my computer and relax. With academics, clubs, extracurricular activities, and responsibilities that now directly affect hundreds of people, it’s all to … More Relaxing at Lake Lag

Treehacks 2017

I just completed my first hackathon! At Treehacks 2017, conveniently located at Stanford University, I worked alongside close to 1,000 students from Stanford and universities across the world, trying to create something interesting in 36 hours. This may seem a little odd, given my academic background (Econ major / Education minor), but I found my … More Treehacks 2017

Economists as Weathermen, Engineers, and Plumbers?

Economics is a discipline that is often interpreted, or misinterpreted, by people in various ways. When explaining to friends about your major, what’s a good metaphor to use? In this interesting article, three metaphors are proposed, each with their own merits: Economists as Weathermen This metaphor has been more disparagingly used in reference to macroeconomic models that … More Economists as Weathermen, Engineers, and Plumbers?