Econ in the News: NCAA and Athlete Pay

The NCAA recently opened the door to allowing college athletes to be compensated for the use of their likeness, names, and images. In a statement, the board of governors for the NCAA has officially begun the process, although the exact details remain uncertain. I won’t dive too much into arguments for or against compensating student-athletes … More Econ in the News: NCAA and Athlete Pay

Big Talk, Small Talk

“How’s it going?” “Good.” And so ends another conversation. In our modern society (at least in the United States), we’ve become accustomed to little pleasantries throughout the day, offering mechanical responses to superficial questions. In other words, we habitually engage in “small talk.” What, then, is Big Talk? Started by Kalina Silverman, Big Talk attempts … More Big Talk, Small Talk

Management Lessons from Trader Joe’s

I’ve been thinking a lot about management lately. As a student in MS&E280: Organizational Behavior (taught by the legendary Bob Sutton), class discussions use empirical evidence and case studies to think about what we consider to be “good” management or “bad” management, incredible organizations versus organizations in flux. It seems to me that a lot … More Management Lessons from Trader Joe’s

The Stanford Student’s Guide to Renting in the Bay Area

Stanford guarantees four years of on-campus housing, a really great perk given how expensive the surrounding area is: homes in Palo Alto sell for a median price of $3.3 million, and rent can be just as exorbitant. For people who return to campus for additional years (in my case, a 5th year to finish my … More The Stanford Student’s Guide to Renting in the Bay Area