Facebook as a Force for Social Good

A huge chunk of the world uses some aspect of Facebook, from the website that started it all to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, or even Oculus. Indeed, the rise of social media overall has rapidly changed our world, whether that be through viral campaigns, connecting people across the world, or rapidly disseminating information. Certainly, the free speech enabled … More Facebook as a Force for Social Good

Econ in the News: Real Money, Virtual Economies

With the rise of MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role-playing games) in recent years, revenue models have shifted from one-time sale of physical games to in-game purchasing, either in addition to buying the game upfront or in a “freemium” model, which allows basic gameplay free of charge but unlocks items or additional gameplay in return for real money. This … More Econ in the News: Real Money, Virtual Economies

Cash is (Still) King

Earlier today, I was chatting with a friend about something we both found intriguing, and often frustrating; our millennial peers at Stanford just don’t carry much – if any – cash with them. This isn’t a local issue, but rather a national one. A 2014 survey by the ICBA found that 1 in 4 millennials carry less than … More Cash is (Still) King