I add fun and interesting data analysis projects to my GitHub.


Stanford Pre-Business Association Consulting Project for Coursera

I, along with the rest of SPBA’s consulting team, presented this slide deck to high-level officials at Coursera as a culmination of months of effort. We outlined multiple strategies for Coursera to use to maximize free-to-paid user conversion while minimizing brand dilution, and gave a tiered ranking of our most recommended choices.


Lantana Creative Catalysts Spring 2016 Video

This video was created to show the Design Thinking process adapted by the Creative Catalyst theme assistants in Lantana during Spring quarter 2016. During this quarter, we devoted our efforts towards making the 2nd floor outdoor deck into a space that people would want to go to hang out and enjoy themselves.

SSO Social Media

I help manage the Stanford Symphony Orchestra’s social media efforts:




SSO Autumn 2015 Video

This is a video I created as an end-of-quarter montage for the Stanford Symphony Orchestra.