Stanford Department of Economics Peer Advisor

Andrew Jabara peer advisor


I was selected to become an Economics Peer Advisor by the Stanford Department of Economics. In this role, I serve as a mentor to incoming classes of students, helping them make informed choices for their academic, extracurricular, and professional pursuits.

Stanford Symphony Orchestra: “Humans of SSO”



I was one of the student-musicians interviewed for the Stanford Symphony Orchestra’s “Humans of SSO” series, designed to highlight musicians who were going on the 2017 Tour to Mexico and Cuba.

UCI Applied Innovation Intern Spotlight
August 2016

Andrew Jabara UCI Cove Inspirational Quote

One of three interns chosen from the summer ISSUP program to be featured on UCI Applied Innovation’s social media.

Discover Science Center Magazine Volunteer Spotlight
October 2013

First DSC (now DiscoveryCube OC) volunteer to be featured in the new “Volunteer Spotlight” column (page 20).