ECON146 Term Paper

For the Economics of Education, I analyzed PIAAC data to look for “mental relaxation” effects after the end of one’s formal schooling, drawing inspiration from the “mental retirement” effects found by Rohweddar and Willis (2007) after retirement from the labor force.

ECON146 Term Paper

MS&E207: Interactive Management Science Final Project

With a partner, I created an interactive spreadsheet that allows people to plan out a day at Disneyland. If you know how long you want to stay at Disneyland, the spreadsheet will calculate the percent chance that you will make all the rides you want to on that specific day. If you want to figure out how long to stay at Disneyland to be a certain percent sure of making all the rides instead, the spreadsheet will tell you how long to stay at Disneyland.

ECON116 Term Paper

I wrote a research paper examining hypothetical economic reasons for the rising cost of attendance at colleges and universities often highlighted in news media, focusing on the University of California system in particular.

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Module

For EDUC103B, I worked with a group to create a module of readings and resources that teachers can use to address culturally responsive practices in increasingly diverse classrooms.