Easter Egg Hunt!

It’s Easter! This year, I decided to throw my friends in Lantana a big Easter Egg Hunt.


It turns out that there are a lot of nooks and crannies in the dorm – edges of stairwells, blended in with scenery, the fire extinguisher boxes, and even the fridge were places where I hid a variety of Easter eggs, each with some candy inside (harder-to-find eggs came with bigger rewards).

Why did I do this? Honestly, I just wanted to do something fun. An Easter egg hunt isn’t too strenuous to design, but if planned well it helps rekindle more dorm bonding with some healthy competition. Throughout the day, I had people texting me photos of places where they found the eggs, asking for hints to find more, and running around the dorm, in the process learning more about Lantana’s many spaces. One result I was very happy with is that people realized that the fire extinguisher boxes do indeed have fire extinguishers in them (which is useful information, should anything catch on fire in the dorm).

All in all, I had a lot of fun, and I think a lot of my dormmates did too. There are a couple eggs left to find, so the fun’s not over yet!

Update 4/25/17: The last egg has been found! Sometimes the best hiding place is blending in plain sight:IMG_1667.JPG

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