Relaxing at Lake Lag

It’s been a very busy and tiring Winter Quarter so far; it’s still going to be busy for the rest of the quarter, but I did take some time today to just get away from my computer and relax. With academics, clubs, extracurricular activities, and responsibilities that now directly affect hundreds of people, it’s all to easy to forget to reserve some time every now and then to sitting back and enjoying nature.


Since Lake Lagunita is now at its fullest level in over a decade, I decided to throw a little “picnic at Lake Lag” for members of the Stanford Symphony Orchestra, featuring orchestra friends and Happy Donuts. Given the timing (a Tuesday afternoon), I’d say the event was a success. More importantly, I got to sit and chat with friends who, like me, are all very busy with their own lives, but made time to relax and sit by the lake for a bit.


Lake Lag is stunning right now; ducks gently paddle by, small waves lap at the shore, and a verdant green backdrop grows lush on all sides, framed by a clear blue sky. For all the greenery and nature on Stanford’s campus, there’s something transcendent about watching an ephemeral body of water blossom, a reward for all the unusually cold and rainy days this year. Against all the pressure and stress that builds up from always taking on too much, I can lounge on an old wooden table, enjoy simple company and conversation, and watch the sunlight-refracting ripples go by.


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