The Anteater Diaries – Part 8

Only one week left for my internships! This week, I started wrapping up everything I’ve been working hard on these past few months.

With UCI Applied Innovation, I’ve created a couple more spreadsheets custom-fit with my data formulas to obtain updated metrics on how well our social media marketing strategy is doing. Next week, I have one final meeting with the entire Marketing and Communications team to go over my insights and recommendations for UCI Applied Innovation’s content strategy going forward.

At Chicklabs, I’m taking the marketing research and work I’ve done for Immuno Gum over the past few weeks to its logical next step: getting Immuno Gum into more stores. I have been finding stores that we are a good fit to become a supplier in, and I hope that a lot of the research and applications I’m creating will lead to a great outcome.

Enjoying orange juice on the rocks as the sun set on Pelican Hill was a great perk at the CleanTechOC meet-up.

In the spirit of trying something different when the opportunity arises, I offered to help Scott Kitcher, President of CleanTechOC and fellow resident of the Cove, with the company’s big meet-up at the Pelican Hill resort. While I was there, I helped check in all the guests, took photos for use on the company website, and mingled with many very interesting people. From discussions about someone’s Ph.D. thesis to the state of clean tech in the Orange County area, plus a healthy dose of life advice some older people were keen on giving me, I had an incredible time.


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