The Anteater Diaries – Part 7

After a week off for vacation, I’m back at my summer internships. With only a couple weeks left before the internships end, I plan to keep learning while also creating a tangible legacy of the work I’ve done to help current employees and future interns.

At UCI Applied Innovation, I applied my econometrics background towards creating some spreadsheets to analyze how we can improve the reach of our Facebook and Linkedin social media. With a couple logarithmic transformations to the data and lots of Excel coding, I now have easily updatable documents that people can use to determine what posts have done extremely well (and, hopefully, why). My broader economics background came in handy when hypothesizing the needs of our demographic targets, and understanding the markets that we both create and serve.

Immuno Gum new logo

At Chicklabs, I’m still as busy as ever. This week was spent augmenting Immuno Gum’s marketing efforts in different avenues. In true start-up mode, I helped design and package prototypes of our newest designs for housing the delicious gum. I also worked on creating materials for brokers, from updated brochures to a couple new additions to the Immuno Gum website that better reflect our brand image. I also want to leave behind some useful planning ideas regarding marketing efforts; this week, I started creating the initial stages of plans to market in different venues, social media campaigns to boost audience reach, and even a campus ambassador program that could bring Immuno Gum to college campuses nationwide.

While I’m sticking around until the end of August, some of my intern friends are beginning to return to college. About half of the ISSUP interns have now left, bringing a sharp reality to the fact that the program is almost over.

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