The Anteater Diaries – Part 2

There were more exciting adventures this week at UCI Applied Innovation!

One of the most notable trips we’ve taken so far was going to Calit2@UCI, an innovation center at UCI that allows people in the STEM field to build and test their products from concept to reality.

One of the projects we got to try out was a glove connected to a revamped version of Guitar Hero. It’s a clever gamification of physical therapy that will hopefully help patients be more motivated on their recovery.

Who knew physical therapy could be fun?

Another fun area of Calit2 we got to explore was the Air Pong room, where we used a hairdryer to try to whack the ball into a cup. As college students, anything with “Pong” in it is grounds for excitement (Ping Pong, anyone?).

Sink that shot!

This week also marked the arrival of a hugely popular game – Pokemon Go. Many of the interns obtained the game at the end of this week, and we have had a lot of fun roaming the Cove for new Pokemon (on break, of course).

Sebastian with his new friend.

I’m currently working on a big analytics presentation to deliver to the entire Marketing and Communications during next week’s meeting; with a little more practice on delivery, I think it will go well.

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