Social Media and the Stanford Symphony Orchestra

One of my major responsibilities as Vice President of the Stanford Symphony Orchestra Committee is managing marketing efforts. Through the SSO website and Facebook page, I present fun facts, sneak peeks, and reminders about upcoming concerts to cultivate a positive image of the SSO.

This quarter, I decided to end the year with a video montage of the Stanford Symphony Orchestra’s Autumn Quarter for the 2015-2016 season. At first, I tried to fit the images to Finlandia, a rousing piece of music we performed for the final Sibelius concert. However, the vivacious spirit of Finlandia wasn’t fitting with the image I had in mind – a tranquil, relaxing end-of-year video that creates a feeling of nostalgia for current musicians and listeners alike. The music I decided on is actually from a television show, Steven Universe, which is known for its amazing use of music as a complement to the thematic material in the series.

You can watch the video for yourself below. What feelings does it stir inside you?

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