Starting Sophomore Year

After spending most of the summer as an intern in Hollywood, the time has come to transition from the long drive and 9-to-5 to biking, PSets, old friends and new.

My roommate and I are trying to optimize our dorm space.

The new school year heralds new experiences; for me, this has begun with moving into Lantana, an upperclass dorm with a Creative Catalyst theme in partnership with Stanford’s Design School. It also involves me taking on a larger role in the Stanford Symphony Orchestra, this time as Vice President of the Orchestra Committee. Of course, my academic courses loom large, and I’m continuing to explore other extracurricular options. Before Monday dawns, I think that I’ll continue to enjoy this brief calm before the whirlwind of college arrives in full force.

I enter Sophomore Year at Stanford with the knowledge I have gained from the previous one, and from the summer as well. I welcome the new challenges and serendipitous finds that await me.

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