The View from Lantana

My friend GaHyun made a wonderful video highlighting the many parts of Lantana, my dorm at Stanford for the year. If you’re curious about what Stanford’s newest Creative Catalyst theme dorm looks like, then check out the video!

Lessons from the Paly High Flea Market

I decided to visit the Paly High Flea Market today with some of my friends, both to find cool things and to support local community. The Flea Market brings together people from all walks of life, from crafty salesmen to an old couple wanting to sell off some of their old treasures. It is also a big fundraiser … More Lessons from the Paly High Flea Market

Orchestra Retreat 2015!

After a lot of planning and a few snafus along the way, Orchestra Committee took new and returning members the Stanford Symphony Orchestra into the woods of Monte Toyon for a weekend of bonding. From rehearsing Sibelius’s 2nd Symphony and Indiana Jones to chatting and munching on S’mores by the light of a campfire, everyone was in high spirits. … More Orchestra Retreat 2015!

Welcoming the New Members of the SSO

As Vice President of the Orchestra Committee, I helped plan “rollouts” – a time-honored Stanford tradition of waking up freshmen from their slumber and welcoming them into the group – for Thursday morning, right before the Stanford Symphony Orchestra’s first rehearsal of the year. For more information and pictures of both rollouts and the first … More Welcoming the New Members of the SSO

Uniqueness in a Pool of Sameness

Whenever people find out that I go to Stanford, their response tends to follow a similar format: Awe/Congratulations: “Wow! Good for you!” Flattery: “You must be very smart to have been accepted to Stanford.” Anecdote: “I remember when my son/daughter/friend/friend’s son or daughter applied to Stanford/‘Top Tier’ College. They had all A’s, a really good … More Uniqueness in a Pool of Sameness