Revenue Leakage in the Shadows

Through my work at ZS, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time analyzing revenue leakage. Recently, I contributed to a ZS POV on revenue leakage within the pharmaceutical industry, showcasing public examples of major fraud faced by pharma (and how to mitigate it). I want to highlight a few key points from the article, and … More Revenue Leakage in the Shadows

The 48 Hour Test (Introducing: PigeonLogos!)

I’ve noticed that there’s a certain mythos around the idea of an “entrepreneur”: brash and bold, risk-taking, willing to bet it all with no salary and long hours in the hopes of striking it rich as their startup takes flight. In an entrepreneurship seminar I took at Stanford, Perry Klebahn ( professor at Stanford, creator … More The 48 Hour Test (Introducing: PigeonLogos!)

“Highlight Reels” and the Failures they Hide

During a recent Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders’ Seminar at Stanford University, DFJ Partner Emily Melton gave a great overview of her perspective on success in the world around us. In particular, Emily warned us about the “highlight reels” we see from others’ lives. To emphasize the point, Emily gave us a literal highlight reel of photos … More “Highlight Reels” and the Failures they Hide

A Day in the Life – Management Consulting Intern

This summer, I’ve ventured into consulting as a Decision Analytics Associate Intern at ZS. Over the course of the internship, I’ve enjoyed the vibrant downtown San Mateo location. Along with a building in South San Francisco, these twin locations form the “San Francisco” office, one of many that ZS has across the world. A lot … More A Day in the Life – Management Consulting Intern