Product Teardown – Instagram Checkout

Instagram recently released Checkout, its new all-in-app service for brands to sell products directly to consumers with a couple clicks on a photo. The beta release is rolling out with heavyweight brands, including Zara, Nike, and Prada. For this teardown, I’ll walk through the overall product, my impressions from the buyer and seller perspective, and … More Product Teardown – Instagram Checkout

Big Talk, Small Talk

“How’s it going?” “Good.” And so ends another conversation. In our modern society (at least in the United States), we’ve become accustomed to little pleasantries throughout the day, offering mechanical responses to superficial questions. In other words, we habitually engage in “small talk.” What, then, is Big Talk? Started by Kalina Silverman, Big Talk attempts … More Big Talk, Small Talk

Management Lessons from Trader Joe’s

I’ve been thinking a lot about management lately. As a student in MS&E280: Organizational Behavior (taught by the legendary Bob Sutton), class discussions use empirical evidence and case studies to think about what we consider to be “good” management or “bad” management, incredible organizations versus organizations in flux. It seems to me that a lot … More Management Lessons from Trader Joe’s

Econ in the News: Cottage Food Deregulation

As of January 1st, 2019, the cottage food industry in California has received a major legislative boost: a wider variety of foods made in a home kitchen can now be legally sold with fewer permit restrictions. I want to examine questions of deregulation, substitution, and cognitive biases that feed into the cottage food debate. First … More Econ in the News: Cottage Food Deregulation

“Highlight Reels” and the Failures they Hide

During a recent Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders’ Seminar at Stanford University, DFJ Partner Emily Melton gave a great overview of her perspective on success in the world around us. In particular, Emily warned us about the “highlight reels” we see from others’ lives. To emphasize the point, Emily gave us a literal highlight reel of photos … More “Highlight Reels” and the Failures they Hide

Econ in the News: Vanilla Beans are more Expensive than Silver

The skyrocketing price of vanilla beans has led to shortages of vanilla-derived products across the world, to the dismay of all who enjoy making baked goods (myself included).  During the 2017-2018 season, black Madagascar vanilla bean prices peaked at $635 per kilogram ($18/ounce), a price that officially made it worth more than its weight in … More Econ in the News: Vanilla Beans are more Expensive than Silver

A Day in the Life – Management Consulting Intern

This summer, I’ve ventured into consulting as a Decision Analytics Associate Intern at ZS. Over the course of the internship, I’ve enjoyed the vibrant downtown San Mateo location. Along with a building in South San Francisco, these twin locations form the “San Francisco” office, one of many that ZS has across the world. A lot … More A Day in the Life – Management Consulting Intern