Product Improvement – LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn’s preeminence as a “professional” social network has changed the paradigm for maintaining connections in the business world. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for LinkedIn’s Groups feature. I’ve often felt that Groups has so much potential as a key feature for LinkedIn, but various issues hinder its usefulness. For this modified teardown, I’ll give … More Product Improvement – LinkedIn Groups

Econ in the News: NCAA and Athlete Pay

The NCAA recently opened the door to allowing college athletes to be compensated for the use of their likeness, names, and images. In a statement, the board of governors for the NCAA has officially begun the process, although the exact details remain uncertain. I won’t dive too much into arguments for or against compensating student-athletes … More Econ in the News: NCAA and Athlete Pay

‘Maisel Day’ and the Power of Nostalgia

To support its Emmy-nominated program “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” Amazon’s marketing department partnered with dozens of businesses in Los Angeles for ‘Maisel Day’ on August 15th. From a gas station charging 30 cents a gallon to burgers, fries, and a slice of pie for 80 cents at a diner, this clever marketing campaign uses some … More ‘Maisel Day’ and the Power of Nostalgia

Econ in the News: Gas Price Variation from Pump to Pump

Have you ever wondered why gas prices can vary significantly, even when the gas stations are within a block of each other? There are a lot of factors in play that cause these price differences, and with a few economic models and methods, we can start to tease out reasons for the variation. Focusing on … More Econ in the News: Gas Price Variation from Pump to Pump

Product Improvement: Facebook Marketplace Rentals

Just like many other Stanford students about to switch from full-time student to full-time in the business world, I’ve spent the past 1.5 months looking for housing. Last year, my housing search prompted me to write about¬†the search itself. This time, I want to focus in on Facebook Marketplace’s “Rentals” housing tab. Instead of a … More Product Improvement: Facebook Marketplace Rentals