Lessons Learned from Management Consulting at ZS

I’ve passed the 2-year mark at ZS, and I’m thankful for getting to learn and grow from various colleagues and projects. At my work-from-home setup, in the offices and client sites, and on the top floor of the famous Skokie DoubleTree, I’ve have the opportunity to make things happen at the intersection of analytics and … More Lessons Learned from Management Consulting at ZS

Bad Startups

Since I arrived in Silicon Valley to start my freshman year of college, I’ve seen generations of startups grow from small teams with big ideas into billion-dollar behemoths creating large-scale change. Along the way, I’ve also seen startups on the opposite spectrum: fads, “first world problems” to the nth degree, and in some cases, dangerous … More Bad Startups

The ABCs of Economic Recoveries

News outlets, political pundits, and even the occasional economist love to leverage letters to describe potential macroeconomic recovery options after the economy takes a dive. From the victorious “V-shape” to the nascent and troubling “K-shape”, here are a few ABCs of economic recoveries to consider: The V-Shape This is the recovery everyone hopes for. A … More The ABCs of Economic Recoveries

One solution to “upskilling” roadblocks

The proliferation of knowledge in the online age is vast and wonderful. Narrowing down all the possibilities into curated curricula, on the other hand, remains difficult. Even within dedicated online learning platforms, so many offerings are presented that the casual learner can easily get overwhelmed. Online learning platforms can reduce choice overload by organizing various … More One solution to “upskilling” roadblocks