Inflation and the new Roaring 20s

A year into a pandemic, and several stimulus packages later, various media pundits and economic/policy experts have begun to raise alarm about higher inflation. How we define inflation, and how much inflation actually occurs, are both important factors for how you could respond to these changes in the 2020s. Defining Inflation Inflation is the increase … More Inflation and the new Roaring 20s

The ABCs of Economic Recoveries

News outlets, political pundits, and even the occasional economist love to leverage letters to describe potential macroeconomic recovery options after the economy takes a dive. From the victorious “V-shape” to the nascent and troubling “K-shape”, here are a few ABCs of economic recoveries to consider: The V-Shape This is the recovery everyone hopes for. A … More The ABCs of Economic Recoveries

One solution to “upskilling” roadblocks

The proliferation of knowledge in the online age is vast and wonderful. Narrowing down all the possibilities into curated curricula, on the other hand, remains difficult. Even within dedicated online learning platforms, so many offerings are presented that the casual learner can easily get overwhelmed. Online learning platforms can reduce choice overload by organizing various … More One solution to “upskilling” roadblocks

The 48 Hour Test (Introducing: PigeonLogos!)

I’ve noticed that there’s a certain mythos around the idea of an “entrepreneur”: brash and bold, risk-taking, willing to bet it all with no salary and long hours in the hopes of striking it rich as their startup takes flight. In an entrepreneurship seminar I took at Stanford, Perry Klebahn ( professor at Stanford, creator … More The 48 Hour Test (Introducing: PigeonLogos!)